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 EASY Way to Bible Memory?
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MEMorIZING Hamster
I Want to Show You the EASY Way to Bible Memory.
My dad always told me, there was an EASY way and a HARD way. I learned way back then that the EASY way was the best way! :)

This goes for bible memory too. There is an EASY way and a HARD way. The EASY way is the best way!

Read This Before 
Going ANY Further

You've been trying TOO HARD to memorize bible verses. It's easy when you learn how

Example: Peter freed from prison. - Acts 12

Peter rabbit freed by an actor (Acts) with (12) eggs. 

Then say 'Peter freed from prison.- Acts 12'

(Think about that picture for 30 seconds and you got it. It's that easy.)

Who Am I and How Do I Know?

My name is Ron White. (Navy Vet in Pic to Left)
  • I'm a 2 Time USA Memory Champ
  • I've held record for fastest to memorize a deck of cards in the USA
  • Written US Constitution From Memory (4,543 words)
  • ​Some other stuff, but let's get back to bible memory...
Here's What You Get
  • Images for EVERY book of the bible
  • ​Images for numbers to remember Chapter & verse Numbers
  • ​Over 55 verses and stories turned in to images for you
  • ​History of memory training lessons
  • ​How to use 2,500 year old memory techniques to memorize scripture
  • ​Songs to get in your head to memorize bible verses
  • ​How to memorize verses word for word
  • ​How to memorize entire chapters word for word
  • ​How to remember the location of over 20 bible stories
  • ​Easy to follow cartoons and videos

Only $47!

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!
"Psalms 119:11 says "I have hidden Your word in my heart that I may not sin against you", and that is what Ron White's Bible memory program helps you do. I have been studying Ron's materials for years and it has not only helped me know God's word better but it also equips me to be able to share with other verses when the time calls and I don't have my Bible handy. 
Ron makes learning fun and his methods are effective! Even years later I am able to recall verses and the books of the bible from his teaching. And as a pastor I also use Ron's methods to help others memorize the Word of God"
Bill Anderson
"I am one of Ron's Black Belts in Memory. I have used this system to memorize all 66 books of the bible in order and it was fun and easy. "
Eric Dyson
"Everything Ron teaches is just amazing! In the time I have spent with the course, I have truly discovered that memory is a teachable skill. It has given me the ability to learn twice as much, at half the time. It is truly a great system I think is a MUST have for anyone."
Caleb Huber
The decision is now.
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